Your Driver License in Your Mobile Phone.

What is MobileDL?

MobileDL is a set of software tools for digitizing driver licenses using mobile phones. This experimental project started in 2013 by winning the "great potential" prize at Govathon, a City of Atlanta's hackathon that focused on problems that affect the local government and the community. The project was a bold attempt to ignite the conversation between various stakeholders at the time. It's only around 2015 that mobile driver license technology started becoming a mainstream topic in the US with the launch of the first US mobile driver license pilot in Iowa. Since then, several states have started evaluating the deployment of mobile driver license technology. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) is also currently working on it.

You can download the initial proof-of-concept prototype source code on GitHub.

IMPORTANT: Please note this is just an early demo and doesn't include a secure issuance and verification framework for authorized government agencies as envisioned by the project owner.